4 Oz. Holiday Tree Candle

4 Oz. Holiday Tree Candle



Fog-  Moody, soft, and warm - Fog, our enticing scent, is a natural complement to our water-inspired fragrances. Sometimes mysterious; sometimes sexy; always intriguing.

Saltaire-  Our SALTAIRE COLLECTION draws from elements of life outdoors. We have combined jasmine, citrus, a touch of sweet wood, and a hint of rich bamboo to deliver a fresh, mineral scent that is reminiscent of being by the sea, breathing the invigorating salt air.

Good Spirits-  Capturing the scents of fall — balsam and cedar blended with the scent of whiskey and fire — Good Spirits easily transports you to those autumn days.

Sea Pines- Amazing year-round, but especially during the holidays, this fresh and piney scent fills the house with cheer. Whether you live in Maine, the Pacific Northwest, or the French Coast -- this scent will remind you of the place where pines grow right to the water's edge.

Voyager- Our VOYAGER COLLECTION is inspired by life on the high seas - an endless horizon, foamy white caps, and deep blue water. Strong aquatic notes are punctuated with fiery black pepper, tangerine, citrus, flowers and a hint of oak moss. For those with a spirit of adventure, this scent is sailor fresh!