King Tide Earrings

King Tide Earrings



The Ocean Collection, our newest line of ocean-inspired jewelry, invites you to consider new perspectives as you move through the tides of life. Inspired by the ever-changing seascapes and aerial views of the ocean, each pair of Ocean Earrings are made in the USA from hand-cut copper and melted glass. 

The King Tide Earrings celebrate the power of the sea as it is influenced by perfect alignment of the sun and the moon, reminding the wearer of their strength and potential. Just as a king tide is an exceptional display of the potency of the ocean, so shall the forces of life align to bring forth your personal power.

Honor your goals and set your intentions when you don the King Tide Earrings, or give these handmade earrings to a loved one who is on the path to discovering their fortitude. Remind your friend, “The world is your oyster” and nestle these ocean-inspired earrings inside a gilded oyster dish.

Grit & Grace Studio is a woman-owned company that designs Lowcountry jewelry inspired by the sea. We are the only oyster jewelry dish company with an in-house oyster shell recycling program. We have recycled more than 5,000 gallons of shells to Charleston oyster reef restoration projects since 2016. Visit our King Street store and peruse our carefully curated gifts and ocean-inspired jewelry.